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The 5 states that choose not to follow the 2018 US FARM Bill Federal Law I do not ship to.

If you know someone within the states of Arkansas, Idaho, Hawaii, Minnesota, Oregon or Rhode Island please have them contact there local senators and ask them why they are against this bill. If you can see this website you can place an order. These states shall not prevent nor seize any products shipped that comply within this bill. It's meant to help this country not hurt it. Lastly, I have had to pay a lot in fees, taxes, and certifications and the only thing I want from our country is to be respected. We are not criminals. We have families and loved ones to take care of and a lot of love to share with the nation. Peace and love to all!!

2018 Farm Bill allows people to produce, sell, and consume hemp-derived products (THCA PRODUCTS)     Legal experts assure cultivators, sellers, and consumers that all other plant materials and substances derived from   legally-defined hemp are finally federally-compliant


I'm very grateful for the progression I've made


THC/THCA products have made a huge difference in my PTSD treatment

I just wanted to share that


We use Hemp Pop-Top Containers that do not break down into microplastics and naturally break down in 3 years time. Hemp Eco-Friendly Packaging Hemp-Lok Link Click Here 

If we care this much about what your product goes in then you KNOW WE CARE about giving you a quality product

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